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Deriving its name from the creek that runs through the historic town of Occoquan, VA, The Ballywhack Shack offers delicious and original sandwiches, pressed cheese, paninis & dogs, locally roasted coffee, specialty snacks, sweets, & beverages. We proudly provide health-conscious, vegetarian selections and gluten-free options from Rise Bakery of Washington DC. With a thoughtful intention toward reducing plastic waste, we strive to source from vendors who use recyclable and biodegradable materials and share a commitment to improve our ecosystem, and communities.

Originally an 18th-century mill town on the Occoquan River, The Town of Occoquan is now a charming restored artists community brimming with attractions, neighborhood shops, small businesses, and scenic parks, making it one of Virginia’s best small-towns and lovable getaways. Centrally located directly on Mill Street, The Ballywhack Shack makes for the ideal quick eats stop on a day enjoyed in town.

Meet Sherry


Sherry Mangas fell in love with the town of Occoquan when she started working for the Blue Arbor Café in 2007.  It started as a joyful respite during her long-tenured career in the IT and government contracting management fields but it quickly became apparent that Sherry loves the opportunity to exercise her creative instincts, interact with customers, and has a natural zest for the foodservice industry.  For 10 years Sherry honed her skills as a manager at the Blue Arbor Cafe.

A couple of years after the Blue Arbor Cafe closed its doors, the stars aligned when the little lemonade stand in the center of this beloved town on Mill Street, became available in the summer of 2019.  (Sherry secretly had her eye on this structure for a while and knew exactly what she wanted to do.)  A win-win for everyone.  Today, Sherry brings some customer favorite sandwiches from the Blue Arbor days to the Ballywhack Shack and has added her own touches. Inspiration for the menu comes from her family’s Pennsylvania Dutch traditions and spending her summers at their shore home at the South Jersey shore.  The best part is getting to see her favorite customers again and befriending new ones.  She takes exceptional pride in her craft and as she puts it, “what else can I give them from this box but great quality food with a smile!”  Sherry’s love for nature shows through her dedication to promoting a sustainable environment and consciousness by using earth-friendly packaging at The Ballywhack Shack and by providing healthy options for her customers.

Think Local

Serving locally roasted coffee, sourced from Cafe Amouri, in Vienna, VA.

We proudly offer Gluten Free products and and have Gluten Free bread upon request delivered by Rise Bakery.

Our Core Values

Promote a sustainable environment and consciousness by using earth-friendly packaging at The Ballywhack Shack and by providing healthy options for customers.